Specific Product Requirements

SecureFeed is continually working on increasing the assurance of the feed and food safety of the feed (feed materials, feed mixtures, additives, additional feed etc) received, processed and sold by its participants.

In addition to the assessment of all supplier-product combinations (SPCs), carrying out supplier audits and risk-based monitoring of feed, the Specific Product requirements play an important role for a limited group of HIGH risk products.

In Specific Product Requirements (SPRs), SecureFeed documents the additional requirements that certain products / product groups must meet to have permission to be delivered to SecureFeed participants. Principle is that the products already meet all legal and GMP+ FSA requirements.

All SPRs contain requirement groups in respect of:

  • Geographic origin
  • Products
  • Production process
  • Raw materials, additives and processing aids
  • Monitoring
  • Deviations
  • Positive release
  • Transport
  • Labeling and shipping documents
  • Other requirements