SecureFeed stands for the assurance of food safety of feed. Increasing the safety level within the feed sector can only be realized if all links in the chain make the necessary efforts. This also applies to the suppliers of feed to our participants. They have a key role in assuring food safety and are partly form the basis of safe food of animal origin.

Participants of SecureFeed only work with supplier-product combinations assessed by SecureFeed (abbreviated SPCs). When a participant registers a new SPC with a risk classification MEDIUM or HIGH, this registration must be accompanied by additional information about the relevant product in the form of a Feed Safety Data Sheet (FSDS) or a product specification.

If the product of the envisioned supplier originates from risk class HIGH, the participant is also required to specify who is the initial producer of the relevant product. This can be the envisioned supplier, but also another company delivering to the supplier. The producer is referred to as the ‘previous link’.

New suppliers that deliver processed products from the risk class HIGH are audited by SecureFeed before the SPC is authorized and the participant is permitted to use the SPC. In this audit, the relevant previous links (initial producers) are involved as well.

SecureFeed carries out audits across the globe at suppliers and producers of (raw materials for) feed. The audit program for suppliers focuses mainly on suppliers and producers (previous links) of feed that fall under risk class MEDIUM and HIGH. 

SecureFeed is continually working on increasing the assurance of the feed and food safety of the feed (feed materials, feed mixtures, additives, additional feed etc) received, processed and sold by its participants.

Aflatoxin B1 is a carcinogenic mycotoxin formed by various Aspergillus fungi.