Specific product conditions

SecureFeed strives continuously to strengthen the assurance of feed and food safety of the animal feeds (feed materials, premixes, additives, complementary animal feeds, etc.) that its participants receive, process and sell.

In addition to assessing all supplier-product combinations (LPCs), conducting supplier audits and risk-based monitoring of animal feeds, for a limited group of HIGH-risk products, the Specific Product Conditions (SPV) play an important role.

SecureFeed sets out the additional requirements in Specific Product Conditions (SPVs). Certain products / product groups must meet these SPVs in order to allow supply to SecureFeed participants. The starting point is that products already comply with all legal and GMP+ FSA requirements.

In all SPVs, groups of conditions are included with respect to:

  • Geographical origin
  • Products
  • Propagation process
  • Raw materials, additives and processing aids
  • Monitoring
  • Deviations
  • Positive release
  • Transport
  • Labelling and freight documents
  • Other terms and conditions