SecureFeed participants are only allowed to purchase supplier-product combinations (LPCs in Dutch) that have been assessed and approved by SecureFeed. SecureFeed participants are required to register new supplier-product combinations in our database. SecureFeed applies a standard procedure for this. When a LPC entails of a processed medium and high risk product, a Feed Safety Data Sheet (FSDS) is mandatory. However, this only concerns products that are not purchased from other SecureFeed Participants. The FSDS should be completed by the supplier of the product. A blank format of the FSDS to send to your supplier can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. Here you will also find instructions on how to complete it.



The procedure regarding the assessment of a FSDS is as follows:

  • The FSDS is submitted as an attachment to the LPC application.
  • The FSDS is assessed by our monitoring department and if necessary additional information can be requested from the applicant until the product and risk assurance is clearly described in the FSDS.
  • If the FSDS is approved by the monitoring department, it will be submitted to the Suppliers/Participants working group, so that they can add any additional questions and can make additional demands within the 2 days’ notice.
  • Questions from the working group are followed up by the secretariat and, if necessary, additional information will be requested from the applicant.
  • If it concerns a high-risk product, an initial audit at the supplier and/or manufacturer must be carried out.
  • If the questions of both the monitoring department and the working group are adequately answered, the LPC will be approved.


Why are we asking this?

The Feed Safety Data sheet is a pre-requisite for approval and procurement of your risk medium/high product and provides structured answers to the following questions:

  • WHAT is the product?
  • HOW does the production process look like?
  • What CONTROL measures have been taken?
  • What MONITORING on contaminants is done?

By answering these questions, SecureFeed gains insight into the product, the level of risk control and whether SecureFeed requirements are met.



To avoid unnecessary delays in approval and hence procurement of your product, a guide for completing the FSDS has been prepared. We ask you to check the FSDS for the points described per section before submitting it to the LPC application. You can find the manual by downloading the document 'Manual FSDS' below.