Registration and deregistration

Below is an explanation of the registration and withdrawal procedure for SecureFeed participants. At the bottom of this webpage you will find the participant rules, participant agreement and registration form.


The procedure for registration as a SecureFeed participant starts with sending in the completed application documents. Once SecureFeed has confirmed in writing that the application documents are complete, the document assessment can take place. When the supplier product combinations (LPCs) have been assessed, the physical audit by a certification body (CB) has been successfully completed and the entry fee has been paid, SecureFeed will accept the candidate as a participant.

Application documents

The following documents should be sent.  

  1. A fully completed and signed application form SecureFeed
    Please note
     Address details and GMP+ certificate must match. Deviations between CvC and address details must be explained.
  2. A signed Participant Agreement from SecureFeed.
  3. An official proof of registration with the Chamber of Commerce (KvK extract).
  4. A copy of the GMP+ certificate (or certificate of equivalent FCA scheme).
  5. A copy of the latest audit report, including an overview of the improvement measures taken. (Please supply the complete audit report.)
  6. The most recent monitoring plan.
  7. A report of the most recently performed tracking & tracing test, including an overview of the improvement points and improvement measures taken.
  8. If you purchase products under the Gatekeeper principle, please send us procedures on how you manage this process.
  9. Product liability insurance documents.

Send all the above completed documents (in scanned or digital form) by e-mail, stating your company name, to SecureFeed:

Deregistration of participation

Termination of SecureFeed participation can be done per calendar year with a notice of three months. You can cancel in writing (by an authorised person) or by sending an e-mail or letter to The reason for your termination needs to be stated.