Companies that supply feed materials, compound feed or feed additives directly or indirectly to livestock farmers can apply to become a participant of SecureFeed. Once the acceptance procedure has been completed, SecureFeed will accept the company as a participant and include it in the SecureFeed participants list below.

Companies that have passed the document assessment receive the status of 'Aspirant' in the list of participants.

A description of the SecureFeed participant application and termination procedure can be found below. At the bottom of this webpage are the participant regulations, participant agreement and the application form. 
There are costs associated with participation. SecureFeed participants invest together in ensuring the safety of all feed and raw materials purchased by livestock farmers.
SecureFeed heeft vier Certificerende Instellingen (CI’s) geselecteerd die de toetredingsaudit en de reguliere jaarlijkse deelnemersaudit uitvoeren.